Smart IT Consulting is a business philosophy, and a consulting firm. Really smart IT consultants are experienced specialists who ensure their work will pay for the client. Please choose the contact link to meet a smart IT consultant, or read the articles and click on get help when you've found the expertise you need.

Skills and Services Available

·  Natural search engine optimizing (SEO)
Smart generation of stable and highly targeted search engine traffic without nasty tricks ('White Hat SEO'). Keep and cultivate your domains. Don't get them penalized or even banned by major search engines because a stupid SEO (search engine optimizer) thought he is way smarter than tough and literally smart search engine staff.

We're not in the 'Guaranteed Top-10 Search Results' business. We develop search engine friendly Web site architectures. We assist your developers, designers and marketing experts in developing and maintaining user friendly Web sites which attract search engine traffic by itself. We connect you to search engine marketing (SEM) experts familiar with your industry to accomplish high search engine rankings even in highly competitive areas.

·  Object and data modeling as well as smart software design, especially in complex environments
State of the art software engineering by smart and experienced consultants who know your industry. (Nearly) all industries, all environments and all architectures.

·  Smart Progress Software® development
Maintenance and development of complex commercial applications, (nearly) all industries, all Progress® versions and all operating systems.
Special development and consulting services:
· Upgrades respectively revamps of older applications (all PSC® versions up to 9.x) to n-tier client server and/or internet environments (PSC® version 9.1D+ or OpenEdge®).
· Coaching / training of your Progress Software® developers.
· Holistic quality management and quality control including source code reviews and stress testing.
Special products:
· Smart PSC® DBA tools and automated PSC® database maintenance as well as smart performance tuning.


English Smart DB-Check - Automating Progress Database Maintenance

Smart DB check is a DBA assistant making administration of Progress databases easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. SmartDBcheck will not do your DBA job, but it will supply suggestions and ready to use scripts as well as most data you need to make your decisions.

Probably various languages Database Systems

Rare thoughts on understanding and usage of database systems.

Probably various languages Internet Business

Since search engines are the most important source of traffic on the Internet, this section is pretty much focused on search engine optimization (SEO). Most developers and designers lack knowledge about SEO. They deliver a perfectly coded Web site, then a SEO expert tweaks and maintains it, because perfect code is rarely search engine friendly.
Optimizing this outdated business process can save a lot of time and money. Web delevopers and designers understanding the basics of SEO will develop search engine friendly Web sites. Our articles provide the basic SEO knowledge for Web designers and developers. Additionally we offer remote support and on-site coaching.

Probably various languages Progress Software Knowledge

Progress Software® provides an outstanding database plus a bunch of powerful and high sophisticated products for developers and users. The power of Progress® is underestimated across the boards. Progress® sold licenses -during the last 20 years- to more users than SAP. Actually, it's astonishing that only insiders and satisfied customers know the difference between vacuum cleaners and the most stable software products available on this planet. Well, here is some more stuff for Progress® insiders, valuable Progress® knowledge published by Progress® experts.

Probably various languages Smart Thoughts

General stuff to make you think smarter. Articles on IT hammering common sense into dickheads. We don't agree in some cases, but the authors are smart guys who make you think, thus their theses are definitly worth a read.

German Ganzheitliche Organisations- und EDV-Beratung

Kundenorientierte, ganzheitliche Organisations- und EDV-Beratung für progressive Unternehmen. Professionell, fair und effektiv von der ersten Studie über die Implementierung bis hin zur laufenden Unterstützung des Produktionsbetriebes.

English About Smart IT Consulting Services

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