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You can download the smartDataPump for free, but please read further:

If you think it saves you a lot of work, please consider a reasonable donation.

If you use it with a product you sell, I'm asking for a fair license fee.

In both cases please click the 'Contact' link on the left to get in touch with me (as always, PEG members get better prices).

Removing, translating or changing the copyright notices is not allowed. Removing, translating or changing the 'This report was created by the smartDataPump' string (this includes the embedded link to this article) is not allowed. If you pay for my software, the second point is open for discussion.

In any case, if you find bugs please keep me informed. If you need changes, please ask me before you develop them yourself. Chances are good that I or one of my pals can provide a ready-to-use solution. If you plan to translate the user interface and/or the output constants, please contact me.

Please don't publish the source code. Link to this article instead, because I'll update the source files every now and then.

Preview the source code:
By saving any part of the source code you accept the license agreement above.
· DataPumpVersion.i Version string, release notes.
· config-DataPump.i Configuration, attribute filters ...
· config-Applications.i Ordered list of applications used on client systems to open the reports.
· DataPumpSequence.df Adds a sequence to the application database.
· DataPumpTables.df Adds two tables to the application database.
· p-install-DataPump.p Installation procedure.
· p-DataPump.p Calls the smartDataPump on the client side, passing a SDO handle to the super procedure.
· sp-DataPump.p The super procedure running on both the client and the server machine.
· w-DataPump.w The user interface.
· help-DataPump.i Include used to call the application's help system.
· p-DataPumpInitLang.p Stores default settings and translated strings in the application database.
· sample-call.i Explains one approach to make the smartDataPump callable from every smart data browser within the application.

By downloading the software you accept the license agreement above.
· Demo software using the sports database.
· The smartDataPump.
· getUniqueFileName.p, getOsPath.p, getUUID.p Free utilities used by the smartDataPump.

Partly the smartDataPump code (sp-DataPump.p -> Excel® output part) draws on the free utility tt-file.p by Jeff Pilant and Patrick Tingen. The article The Data Pump Process by Steven Lichtenberg and Geoff Crawford influenced the architecture of the output part. As always, the PEG Archives were a great help.

I consider your feedback valuable. Please invest a few minutes and drop me a message. Thank you!

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smart Data Pump - Generic Output for Progress ADM2 Smart Data Objects · Index · Part 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · Expand · Web Feed

Author: Sebastian
Last Update: May 2005   Web Feed

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