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The installation process should be simple and painless, if you can work with the default settings.

Create a subdirectory 'tools/datapump' under your application directory, download the smartDataPump and extract the zip file to the root directory (files are extracted to /tools and /tools/datapump then). If you really need to change the path, read the instructions in p-install-DataPump.p. The smartDataPump makes use of 3 freebies. If you have them already installed in your 'tools' directory, save getUniqueFileName.p, getOsPath.p and getUUID.p before you extract the zip file.

Review DataPumpSequence.df and DataPumpTables.df, most probably you want to replace 'Schema Area' by a storage area containing application tables.

Connect to your application database and open p-install-DataPump.p with the procedure editor, then press [F2].
· p-install-DataPump.p adds a sequence and two tables to your database. You can load the DF files with the DataAdministration tool too, in this case this step is skipped.
· All procedures get compiled.
· p-DataPumpInitLang.p is called to initialize the database.

Open sample-call.i with the procedure editor. It explains one approach to make the smartDataPump callable from every smart data browser within your application. The smartDataPump can be launched from every non-modal user interface component where you have a valid handle of a smart data object. Implement keyboard event triggers, (popup) menu items or buttons in your smart data viewers, smart data browsers and/or smart windows, then compile your application.

Check out the generated reports with the default settings. Adjust the attribute filters in config-DataPump.i according to your naming conventions. Customize the list of applications launched to open output files in config-Applications.i. Run p-DataPumpInitLang.p afterwards to update the database!


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smart Data Pump - Generic Output for Progress ADM2 Smart Data Objects · Index · Part 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · Expand · Web Feed

Author: Sebastian
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