Everything you need to know about Google Sitemaps

In June 2005, Google® has launched a service called Google® SiteMaps to optimize Googlebot's web site crawling. It allows webmasters to submit new/modified URLs to Google's spider Googlebot. Google SiteMap submissions have no impact on rankings on Google's SERPs nor will they influence PageRank™ calculations, but most probably they will help webmasters to get their new stuff crawled by Googlebot faster than before. Although we can't predict how or how much this new service, which is still in BETA state, will help site owners, we tell you how to make use of Google SiteMaps. [Update July 2005: It works like a charm. It even works better than expected. It improves search engine visibility to a great degree, as long as webmasters care what they submit to Google.]



Google SiteMaps - Overview

What is a Google SiteMap and how can this service work for you?

Understanding the Google SiteMap Protocol

How the communication between Google and the web site owner works

Populating the sitemap.xml File

How to populate the sitemap.xml file honestly, and nevertheless getting the most value out of its submission to Google

How to Create a Dynamic Google SiteMap XML File

Make your sitemap.xls file dynamic to ensure it delivers your recent changes whenever it is fetched by Google's bot

Ask Googlebot to Crawl New and Modified Pages on Your Web Site

How to submit your sitemap to Google and how to inform Googlebot about new and changed content

Google Sitemaps Crawler Stats

Google's sitemap program provides detailed crawler reports which make it easy to fix issues like broken links, conflicts with robots.txt exclusions etc. etc. in no time. There is even a great robots.txt validator.

Is Google Sitemaps an Index Wiper?

Ensure your web site is in a pretty good shape before you submit a sitemap

Google Sitemaps Myths and Fictions

About site owners influencing Google's rankings via sitemaps and other fictions

Google SiteMap Discussions

Read here what webmasters have to say about their experiences with Google Sitemap, starting with the first announcement

Links to Google SiteMap Tools and Generators

Web sites without an underlying database and many smaller sites can't work with the dynamic approach to fully automate the Google SiteMaps channel outlined here, so here you go ...

Professional Services / Implementation of Google SiteMaps

If you prefer to buy your Google Sitemaps implementation, instead of bothering with many technical details...

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