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Static websites do need another solution to generate a valid Google SiteMaps XML file. Unfortunately, many webmasters cannot use the free sitemap generator provided by Google for various reasons. Not even a week after Google's announcement, all search engine marketing related forums, blogs and usenet groups provide links to more or less useful Google Sitemap tools. There is a lot of crap floating around, thus we tried collect a few 'nuggets'. We didn't evaluate the tools listed below, and we cannot vouch for them, but they seem to be pretty decent. We don't link to tools without positive webmaster feedback on the boards.

Do not download files if your client machine lacks a suitable protection. Especially do not download executables, never.

  • Google's Third Party Tool Listings is a page linking to Google SiteMaps related tools and articles gathered by Google staff.
  • Google SiteMaps Pal is an online service generating the sitemap.xml file containing a maximum of 100 URLs, spidered from a submitted URL.
  • Google SiteMap XML Validator is an online service validating the XML structure of your Google SiteMap. It can submit your sitemap.xml file to Google, if you don't want to use your Google account.
  • Node Map is a web site packed with information on Google SiteMaps, including tools for generation and validation of sitemap XML files. For example they provide a free Google Sitemap XML Updater to check all URLs to make sure they are under the base URL, to check the status (HTTP response code) of each URL, and to compare the last-modified date reported by the web server with the last-modified date in the sitemap file. The validation results can be downloaded as new XML Sitemap.
  • phpSitemapNG is a PHP script compiling the XML file from the web server's file system, and/or spidering a web site to include dynamic links. Alternatively the site offers an online generator, where you can enter the index URL to get an instant XML sitemap.
  • Google Sitemap Generator for Wordpress is a well documented WordPress Plugin.
  • Gsitemap is a Windows/.Net site map generator and submitter.
  • GSiteCrawler is a Windows tool creating Google SiteMaps by project, thus its suitable for multi-domain Web sites.
  • Sitemap Editor is an on-line tool to edit an XML sitemap.
  • Google Sitemaps StyleSheets display XML sitemaps in a user friendly way, sample sitemap, download code here or an enhanced version here.
  • Simple Sitemaps is a PHP script generating a dynamic Google XML Sitemap plus a pseudo-static HTML Site Map and a RSS 2.0 site feed from a simple text file. Simple Sitemaps is suitable for smaller Web sites with no more than 100 pages.

If you operate a forum, blog or similar kind of web site based on foreign software, chances are good the software vendor supplies a sitemap generator. Visit the vendor's web site before you implement a hack.

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How to Make Use of Google SiteMaps · Index · Part 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 11 · Expand · Web Feed

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