As making use of RSS feeds becomes more and more popular, most webmasters are clueless about the role of RSS feeds in their search engine marketing strategy. This article discusses two use cases of RSS feeds: publishing syndicated content in the context of search engines filtering duplicate content, and a creative, but labour intensive way to build a stable and targeted stream of traffic using RSS feeds.



Can Syndicated RSS Content Improve Search Engine Rankings?

Search engine crawlers tend to fall in love with often updated pages, but rotating foreign content is a double-edged sword when it comes to search engine rankings

Duplicate Content Filtering and Search Engine Penalties

What is a duplicate content penalty and how does a duplicate content filter work?

Do SEs Apply 'Duplicate Content Penalties' to Web Sites Publishing Sydicated RSS Feeds?

Sydicating RSS feeds is a great way to feed a web site with fresh content, but is it safe with regard to search engines filtering duplicate content?

How to Use RSS Feeds to Build Stable and Ever-growing Traffic Streams

A long term strategy to build diverse and stable traffic streams using high quality RSS feeds

Author: Sebastian
Last Update: Monday, June 27, 2005   Web Feed

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