This 10-steps checklist is a compressive guide for everyone who considers a first step into the Internet business. Following this tutorial, the future Web site owner should be able to establish an authoritative place on the Internet, which attracts a fair amount of highly targeted and 'converting' search engine traffic.



Write Down Your Business Plan

Step 1: Write down your master plan, budget expenses and potential revenue at least for a period of two years.

Get a Reliable and Fast Internet Connection

Step 2: To maintain a Web site, you need a broadband Internet connection, plus a slower backup line.

Register Your Own Domain

Step 3: Carefully select a domain name registrar and register a .com domain name matching your theme or business name.

Choose a Professional Web Hosting Service

Step 4: Don't look at the monthly fees. Look at speed, reliability, and support. You'll get what you pay for.

Install a Search Engine Friendly Content Management System (CMS)

Step 5: You must focus on marketing and publishing fresh content daily, thus you need a CMS to deal with the technical aspects of Web publishing.

Soft-launch Your New Web Site

Step 6: Preannounce your new Web site to the search engines to achieve indexing at launch time.

Collect a Whole Bunch of Unique On-topic Content

Step 7: Content is king. Not any content: unique content. Stay away from article pools. Write it yourself or hire professional copy writers.

Apply Search Engine Optimized Copywriting

Step 8: Learn how to write a great copy for your users while applying silent keyword optimizing.

Carefully Select Affiliate Programs

Step 9: Choose Internet affiliate programs by theme, pay outs, good standing, honesty, and last but not least by the predefined ads.

Gain Top Search Engine Rankings

Step 10: In order to achieve good search engine placements, you must learn the basics of SE optimizing, and you'll need professional help on SEO.

Author: Sebastian
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