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Unrelated Links in Ads are Dangerous

A popular Web site selling links (in ads) can possibly devalue its optimization with regard to search engine rankings. Google applies no-follow-logic to sites selling (unrelated) ads, that means links from those sites do not pass PageRank, reputation, and topic relevancy via anchor text.

About Directory Structures and File Names in URLs

Should I provide meaningful URLs? Absolutely, if your information architecture and its technical implementation allow the use of keyword rich hyphened URLs. But bear in mind that URLs are 'unchangeable', thus first consider to develop a suitable information architecture and a flexible Web site structure. You'll learn that folders and URLs are the last thing to think of.

How to buy and sell (text) links

Text link brokers do a good job by connecting related Web sites and handling their traffic deals. It looks like a win-win situation, but there are pitfalls with regard to search engines, who try to devaluate all non-editorial links because their ranking algorithms aren't perfect. Commercial link trades aren't evil, but risky without link condom.

The Top-5 Methods to Attract Search Engine Spiders

There is no such thing as a backdoor to a search engine's index. Opening the front door on the other hand is labor intensive.

Pingable Fresh Content is King

The ability to ping major search engines may have future impact on search engine placements.

Examples of Legitimate Cloaking

Cloaking at all is not penalized by search engines. Search engines consider intentions. Search engines even encourage Webmasters to cloak for improved spider-friendliness. Here is a tiny guide to search engine friendly cloaking.

How to Gain Trusted Connectivity

The bad news of the search year 2005 is, that link development becomes a very expensive and labor intensive task, and requires outstanding knowledge and experience. The good news is, that post Jagger a handful of trusted inbound links do count more than a gazillion of artificially traded links in the past.

Avoid Unintended Delivery of Duplicated Content

Common navigation links on dynamic pages can produce (partial) duplicated content (identical body text served from different URLs). To prevent search engine algos from filtering or even penalizing these URLs, eliminate the overlapping content.

Thoughts on Duplicate Content Issues with Search Engines

What looks like a GoogleBug may just be a sign of a few more GoogleBots applying well known dupe filters to a larger data set. Or why unique content does not equal unique information.

Feed Duplicate Content Filters Properly

Search engines produce way too much collateral damage in their war on index spam. Especially eCommerce sites suffer from harsh duplicate content filtering. Here is a concept which may help to force SE filters to act as they are supposed to work: in the interest of both the search engine user and the site owner.

Revamp Your Framed Pages

Shoving Frames are evil and Fixed navigation is user friendly under one brilliant hat.

Take Free SEO Advice With a Grain of Salt

About bad, misleading, and mistakable free advice on search engine optimization.

Green Tranquilizes

About Google's Toolbar-PageRank.

Googlebots go Fishing with Sitemaps

How the Googlebot sisters go fishing.

Mozilla-Googlebot Helps with Debugging

Tracking Googlebot-Mozilla is a great way to discover bugs in CMS scripts.

Bait Googlebot With RSS Feeds

How to use Google's Personalized Home Page as RSS submitter leading Googlebot to fresh content.

Automated Link Swaps Decrease SE Traffic

Stay away from automated link exchange services. Don't trust sneaky sales pitches trying to talk you into risky link swaps. Systematic link patterns get your Web site penalized or even banned by search engines.

The value of links from a search engine's perspective

What is a link worth with regard to search engine rankings, and what kind of links should you hunt for if you're not the WSJ?

Prevent Your Unique Content From Scraping

You can't protect your content technically, once it's available on the Internet. However, besides enforcing the law to its full extent you've other chances, which can become even amusing.

Spam Detection is Unethical

About search engines tolerating hardcore cloaking.

A SEO Strategy for Consulting Firms

This article outlines a search engine marketing strategy for consultants, tax advisors, lawyers, audit firms, engineers and similar service enterprises. It tells the reader how to drive highly targeted organic search engine traffic to a consultant's Web site. Asking why most consulting firms lack search engine visibility leads to a simple conclusion: they hide themselves on the Web, and actively prevent search engines from ranking their Web sites in top spots on the search result pages. Once this mentality gets recognized, its unwanted consequences can be eliminated with ease.

Optimizing the Number of Words per Page

About so called 'content sites' optimized for contextual advertising.

Yahoo! Site Explorer BETA - First Impressions

Yahoo's site explorer is a great tool for folks keen on linkage data. Here is a quick rundown on its Web interface and the API. [12/06/2005: Y!SE was updated and greatly improved]

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