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Download Simple Sitemaps here.

Unzip and read the instructions in sitemap.doc.

Open sitemap.cfg with your preferred text editor, for example Notepad. Enter your site's root URL and a page title for the HTML sitemap. Save and close sitemap.cfg.

Open sitemap.txt with your preferred text editor. Read the instructions in the header.

For each page of your Web site insert a new line. We can help you to compile the initial page list. Examples:

/ | 2005-07-25 | monthly | 0.5 | 0 | Home Page | | |
/products/ | 2005-07-25 | weekly | 1.0 | 1 | Products | | |
/products/apples.htm | 2005-07-25 | monthly | 0.8 | 2 | Apples | | |
/products/bananas.htm | 2005-07-25 | monthly | 0.8 | 2 | Bananas | | |
/contact.htm | 2005-07-25 | never | 0.1 | 1 | Contact Us | | |
/imprint.htm | 2005-07-25 | never | 0.1 | 1 | Imprint | | |

Each line contains up to 8 attributes, delimited by a '|' (pipe character):

  1. Relative URL. '' is added automatically at run time by the script. (Mandatory)
  2. Date of last modification, that is the date of creation or the date of the last update. (Optional)
  3. Estimated change frequency. (Optional)
  4. Crawling priority from 0.0 to 1.0, as a hint for Google's web robot. (Optional)
  5. Hierarchy level in your site's structure. (Mandatory)
  6. Page title. (Mandatory)
  7. Page description. (Optional / Mandatory for RSS feed)
  8. Page keywords. (Optional / Recommended for RSS feed)

If you cannot or will not provide a particular value, leave the optional values blank.

Save and close sitemap.txt.

Upload all files except the RSS image to your Web server's root directory1 in ASCII mode, and the RSS image in BINARY mode. Do a CHMOD 666 on sitemap.htm, sitemaprss20.php, and sitemap-url-list.txt, or grant write access to all (owner,group,other) if you're not on a UNIX server.

Open in your Web browser. You should see the Google Sitemaps XML file (submit it to Google and MSN).

Open in your Web browser. You should see the hierarchical HTML site map of your Web site.

Open in your Web browser. You should see the RSS 2.0 feed of your Web site (submit it to MSN and Yahoo).

Open in your Web browser. You should see the Yahoo! URL submission list for your Web site (submit the text file here to Yahoo!).

Insert a link to the RSS feed and the HTML site map in your site's menu/navigation. You can easily customize the the site map page to fit your site's look and feel. See the documentation ('customizing the HTML template') for details.

Done. Every time you add a new page, just insert a new line in sitemap.txt and upload the file. If you provide a date of last modification, which is recommended, just change the date of updated pages, then upload sitemap.txt. Changes in sitemap.txt affect both the XML sitemap and the RSS/HTML/TXT site map. Since Yahoo! doesn't revisit the submission lists, resubmit it on changes.

For more information on on Google's Sitemap Protocol please read the Google Sitemap Tutorial and the Google Sitemaps FAQ. For detailed information on Simple Site Maps please download this free tool and read the documentation.

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Free Simple Google XML SiteMap and HTML Site Map Script · Index · Part 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · Expand · Web Feed


Google requires that a sitemap contains only URLs in and below the path where the sitemap is located. To submit the home page via sitemaps, the sitemap must be stored in the home page's path, that is the domain's root. Therefore you must upload all the SimpleSitemaps files to your Web server's root directory. If you've unzipped and edited the files in a subdirectory on your local disk, for example root/sitemaps/, then open your FTP client, navigate to the local directory root/sitemaps/ and the remote path /, select the local files, and transfer them to the root level on your Web server.

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