A guide to clever linking for geeks and savvy programmers

This tutorial explains hyperlinks to Web developers. After defining the class Link and its implementations natural link and artificial link, the anatomy of a link gets expressed with various syntax examples. The primary focus is a description of the power of links, and how to get the most out of natural linking. Clever and prominent linking makes the user friendliness of a Web site. High sophisticated linkage extends the value of natural links with regard to search engine placements. Many aspects of internal and outgoing linkage are covered, including the amplification of internal linking by external inbound links, and tips on building an authority status with outbound links.



Defining Links, Natural Linking and Artificial Linkage

The definition of Link (hyperlink, Web link) and its most important implementations as Natural Link and Artificial Link.

The Components of a Link [HTML Element: A]

A commented link compendium explaining proper linking on syntax examples. Each attribute of the A element is described along with usage tips and lists of valid values.

The Components of a Link [HTML Element: LINK]

A syntax compendium of the LINK element, used in HEAD to define relationships, assign stylesheets, enhance navigation etc.

Web Site Structuring

Discussion of poor and geeky structures which confuse the user, and introduction of universal nodes and topical connectors, which solve a lot of weaknesses when it comes to topical interlinking of related pages.

A Universal Node's Anchors and their Link Attributes

About the universal node's primary URI, anchor text and tooltip, and tips on identifying and using alternate anchors, titles, descriptions etc. in various inbound and outbound links.

Linking is All About Popularity and Authority

Learn more about the backgrounds of natural linkage. Linking is all about traffic, so try to build stable traffic streams by creating outstanding authority sites which will become popular by word of mouth. The search engines will follow their users' votes intuitionally.

Optimizing Web Site Navigation

Laying out navigational links to lead users straight to the content they're searching for allows some fair search engine optimizing techniques.

Search Engine Friendly Click Tracking

Counting outgoing traffic per link works fine without a redirect script, which causes all kind of troubles. Here is a ready to use solution.

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