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English Smart IT Consulting Services

'Smart IT Consulting' is a business philosophy, and a consulting firm. Really smart consultants are experienced specialists who decline jobs which do not pay for their clients. Hire the consultant you deserve: get a smart consultant here! Choose a theme of your interest, then read the articles and decide whether the author is worth to advise you.

English Smart DB-Check - Automating Progress Database Maintenance

Smart DB check is a DBA assistant making administration of Progress databases easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. SmartDBcheck will not do your DBA job, but it will supply suggestions and ready to use scripts as well as most data you need to make your decisions.

Probably various languages Internet Business

Since search engines are the most important source of traffic on the Internet, this section is pretty much focused on search engine optimization (SEO). Most developers and designers lack knowledge about SEO. They deliver a perfectly coded Web site, then a SEO expert tweaks and maintains it, because perfect code is rarely search engine friendly.
Optimizing this outdated business process can save a lot of time and money. Web delevopers and designers understanding the basics of SEO will develop search engine friendly Web sites. Our articles provide the basic SEO knowledge for Web designers and developers. Additionally we offer remote support and on-site coaching.

Probably various languages Database Systems

Rare thoughts on understanding and usage of database systems.

Probably various languages Progress Software Knowledge

Progress Software® provides an outstanding database plus a bunch of powerful and high sophisticated products for developers and users. The power of Progress® is underestimated across the boards. Progress® sold licenses -during the last 20 years- to more users than SAP. Actually, it's astonishing that only insiders and satisfied customers know the difference between vacuum cleaners and the most stable software products available on this planet. Well, here is some more stuff for Progress® insiders, valuable Progress® knowledge published by Progress® experts.

Probably various languages Smart Thoughts

General stuff to make you think smarter. Articles on IT hammering common sense into dickheads. We don't agree in some cases, but the authors are smart guys who make you think, thus their theses are definitly worth a read.

German Ganzheitliche Organisations- und EDV-Beratung

Kundenorientierte, ganzheitliche Organisations- und EDV-Beratung für progressive Unternehmen. Professionell, fair und effektiv von der ersten Studie über die Implementierung bis hin zur laufenden Unterstützung des Produktionsbetriebes.

English About Smart IT Consulting Services

English Google Sitemaps Information Center

The Google Sitemaps Info Center provides you with a full blown roundup of Google's Sitemap program from a site owner's perspective. Your Webmasters get everything they need to make your Google Sitemaps implementation a great success: free tools, tutorials and guides, source code examples, search engine optimization (SEO) tips and search engine (SE) knowledge.

Don't miss out on the Google Sitemaps Team Interview! Googlers from the Sitemaps team and Matt Cutts hand out great technical advice, that's a must-read for Webmasters!

English Anatomy and Deployment of Links

This tutorial explains hyperlinks to Web developers. After defining the class Link and its implementations natural link and artificial link, the anatomy of a link gets expressed with various syntax examples. The primary focus is a description of the power of links, and how to get the most out of natural linking. Clever and prominent linking makes the user friendliness of a Web site. High sophisticated linkage extends the value of natural links with regard to search engine placements. Many aspects of internal and outgoing linkage are covered, including the amplification of internal linking by external inbound links, and tips on building an authority status with outbound links.

English How to Make Use of Google SiteMaps

In June 2005, Google® has launched a service called Google® SiteMaps to optimize Googlebot's web site crawling. It allows webmasters to submit new/modified URLs to Google's spider Googlebot. Google SiteMap submissions have no impact on rankings on Google's SERPs nor will they influence PageRank™ calculations, but most probably they will help webmasters to get their new stuff crawled by Googlebot faster than before. Although we can't predict how or how much this new service, which is still in BETA state, will help site owners, we tell you how to make use of Google SiteMaps. [Update July 2005: It works like a charm. It even works better than expected. It improves search engine visibility to a great degree, as long as webmasters care what they submit to Google.]

English Ten Steps to Your Successful Web Site

This 10-steps checklist is a compressive guide for everyone who considers a first step into the Internet business. Following this tutorial, the future Web site owner should be able to establish an authoritative place on the Internet, which attracts a fair amount of highly targeted and 'converting' search engine traffic.

English Steering and Supporting Search Engine Crawling

Since Google launched the sitemap protocol in June 2005, webmasters and search engine optimizers have to rethink their dealing with search engine crawlers. Assuming Google will remove the sitemap protocol's 'beta' label faster than from it's search engine, this article tries to give web site owners an idea where to place Google sitemaps in their toolset. To define the playground, this article starts as a tutorial on supporting and steering search engine crawlers.

English Search Engine Friendly Cloaking

Search engines appreciate helpful cloaking, notwithstanding their 'Do no cloak' policies. This article discusses what kind of cloaking is tolerated by the engines, and provides a tiny guide to white hat cloaking for spider-friendliness.

English About RSS-Feeds and Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

As making use of RSS feeds becomes more and more popular, most webmasters are clueless about the role of RSS feeds in their search engine marketing strategy. This article discusses two use cases of RSS feeds: publishing syndicated content in the context of search engines filtering duplicate content, and a creative, but labour intensive way to build a stable and targeted stream of traffic using RSS feeds.

English Web Log Archive

Selected blog posts on search engine friendly Web development and other topics, some of them scraped from Sebastian's Pamphlets. Subscribe to the feed to get alerted on new posts:

English SEO is dead - Long live SEO!

Webmasters and search engine optimizers tend to discuss Google updates to death, trying to extrapolate supposed changes in Google's ranking algorithm from selfish rants of disappointed site owners. Every major update results in thousands of posts. 99.99% of them are totally pointless. GoogleGuy fills the 0.01% trying to set the records straight, usually vainly. Savvy oldtimers ignore this waste of time and space, but -unexplainably and surely not driven by common sense- zillions of webmasters do make changes based on assumptions in these soap operas. After Google's bourbon update (May/June 2005) Liane wrote this great call for rationality.

German Entscheidungshilfen zur Strukturierung der Internetpräsenz

Dieser kurze Leitfaden fasst die ersten Schritte in ein komplexes Internet-Projekt für Entscheider zusammen. Strategische Internetprojekte sind kostenintensiv, und der potentielle Nutzen ist oft nur sehr vage schätzbar. Als Checkliste verwendet, sollte die Abarbeitung der Planungsschritte zu einer realistischen Entscheidungsvorlage führen.

English Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch alerts you to any major story posted on Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch home page. These are primarily articles that have run in SearchDay.

English World Wide Web Consortium News

Frequently updated links leading to W3C announcements.

English Ezine Articles on Search Engine Optimization

Links to articles on search engine optimization (SEO) recently published by

English ZDNet News on Web Technology

Daily ZDNet Web Technology News.

Probably various languages Internet Development Bookmarks

A short list of web development tools and resources.

Probably various languages Webmaster Resources

A short list of Webmaster resources.

English Automating Progress® Database Maintenance

Maintenance of Progress® databases usually is a painless task, since most Progress® databases do run stable and solid as a rock without any DBA efforts. However, large Progress® databases may need some performance tuning every once in a while. Furthermore you need to monitor their allocation of disk space, especially on Windows® machines, where file sizes might be limited. Unfortunately Progress Software® does not provide GUI maintenance tools for every type of installation, thus you may need additional software. Read here what you need to keep your Progress® databases in good shape.

English Database Design Guide

Before you set up a new database, usually you spend a lot of time at the white board. Here are some basic tips. Most probably these Dos and Don'ts of database design will reduce your efforts and help you to gain a clean database design. The examples refer to Progress® databases, but you’ll get the idea, even when you use another database system.

German Es gibt keine Alternative zu technischen Primärschlüsseln

There is no such thing as a primary key with business meaning ... Das hier erläuterte Konzept der 'Eindeutigen Objektidentität' gilt nicht nur für die objektorientierte Softwareentwicklung. Technische Schlüsselsysteme können in jeder Architektur und mit jeder Datenbank eingesetzt werden.

English DevX Database Zone

Daily news, white papers, tutorials and articles on databases.

English Database Knowledge @

Mike Chapple's guide to databases.

English Database News from ComputerWorld

Daily news on Databases from Computer World.

English eWeek Database News

Fresh daily news on databases from

German Automatisierte Optimierung von Progress® Datenbanken

In den meisten Fällen benötigen Progress® Datenbanken keinen Datenbank-Administrator, weil sie -einmal installiert- relativ wartungsfrei und extrem stabil laufen. Dennoch kann es irgendwann notwendig werden, Laufzeitoptimierungen vorzunehmen. Ausserdem sollten Progress® Datenbanken -speziell in Windows® Umgebungen- regelmässig auf ihr Persistenzverhalten hin überprüft werden, da hier Dateigrössen etc. limitiert sein können. Leider stellt Progress Software® adäquate GUI Werkzeuge nicht in jeder Umgebung zur Verfügung. Lesen Sie hier, wie wenig zusätzliche Software Sie benötigen, um Ihre Progress® Datenbanken in bester Form zu halten.

German Rette sich wer kann: Das Imperium schlägt zurück

Suchmaschinen Marktführer Google setzt seine Etiquette rigoros durch: Suchmaschinen-Spam wird nicht länger toleriert. Wer sich nicht an die Regeln hält, fliegt aus dem Suchindex, gnadenlos. Seit Januar 2006 wird zurückgeschossen:
Bisher übliche Suchmaschinen-Optimierungs-Techniken, die gegen die seit Jahren veröffentlichten Regeln verstossen, werden mit Besucherentzug (Deindexierung) abgestraft. Die Spam Clinic kann deutschen Internetunternehmern helfen, verlorenes Terrain zurückzugewinnen, oder den Liebesentzug der führenden Suchmaschine abzuwenden, bevor der Schaden eintritt.

German Smart Links

Informationen über Partner und empfehlenswerte Produkte.

English smartDBcheck Screen Shots

View a few screen shots, taken from version 1.00beta, to assess the look and feel of smartDBcheck. Better open this page using a broadband connection, it downloads approximately one meg of images.

English smartDBcheck Beta Test Program

smartDBcheck is a tool to manage Progress® storage objects and to optimize performance on the physical implementation level. smartDBcheck currently is in the beta test phase, it should work with every Progress® V9 database on Win32 server machines. If you join the beta test program, you'll receive a nice discount when you purchase a full product afterwards.

German Progress® Datenbank-Wartung und Laufzeit-Optimierung mit smartDBcheck

smartDBcheck ist ein Administrations- und Optimierungsinstrument für Progress® Datenbanken (V9) auf Win32-Rechnern. smartDBcheck visualisiert und analysiert Progress® storage areas (aka tablespaces) inklusive aller storage objects (Tabellen, Indexe, Sequenzen). Ein wesentlicher Faktor zur Steuerung des Laufzeitverhaltens einzelner storage objects in Progress® Datenbanken ist die Optimierung von records per block (RPB) jedes storage objects durch die Plazierung in einer passenden storage area. smartDBcheck erstellt umfangreiche Statistiken per storage object, berechnet nach verschiedenen Vorgaben den optimalen RPB Wert und erstellt die notwendigen scripts zur Optimierung.

English smartDBcheck - Automated Performance Tuning and Storage Object Management

smartDBcheck is a smart DBA assistant making performance tuning of Progress® databases and table space management easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. With a few mouse clicks smartDBcheck reorganizes Progress® databases, which is a pretty time consuming task using old fashioned command line tools, scripts and established DBA methods.

English Dos and Don'ts of Progress® Database Design

Setting up a new database you need some patterns, rules and policies. This article discusses consistent naming conventions, the usage of technical keys instead of attributes with business meaning, logical deletions vs. physical removals, user activity logging in n-tier architectures, and lots of useful details like disadvantages of extended attributes, the integration of multi-client capable accounting systems in ERP applications or the handling of technical attributes in business objects by database triggers. Source code examples are provided in Progress® 4GL.

Probably various languages Progress WebSpeed® - Highly Scalable n-Tier Applications

WebSpeed®, along with other Progress® products, allows developers to rapidly create highly scalable business applications that process large volumes of transactions over the Internet. Learn more about the WebSpeed® visual toolset, HTML-interfaces using SmartDataObjects, packaged Web objects and the powerful scripting language (SpeedScript).

Probably various languages Development of Business Applications with Progress Software®

Useful links, code examples, free tools and articles about developing Progress® based business applications.

Probably various languages Progress Software® Related Books

Unfortunately, John D. Johnson's 'RoadMap to SmartObjects' is out of print. However, there are plenty more great books introducing both developers and users to Progress Software® products.

Probably various languages Progress® Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

Progress RDBMS® is an open, flexible, scalable, and highly available database solution that supports virtually unlimited numbers of users and transactions with minimal administration and maintenance. Although dealing with the RDBMS is mostly a development task, this powerful database engine deserves its own section.

Probably various languages Progress® Tools and Applications (Commercial and Open Source)

Links to Tools for Progress and Progress Applications addressing both developers and users.

Probably various languages Making Use of SOAP and XML in Progress® Applications

Native socket handling and a build-in XML parser makes Progress® a powerful tool to develop B2B solutions. This section provides information on how to implement business solutions based on standards like SOAP and XML with Progress Software® Development Tools.

Probably various languages Progress® related News & Blogs

If you provide a Progress® related RSS feed, please send us the URL:)

Probably various languages Progress Developers

Our link exchanges with Progress developers on this planet. Use the Contact link on the left to get your company listed.

English Progress 4GL Code Samples

Every now and then we'll add a Progress® 4GL code snippet or sample program here. You can use our stuff, but please don't remove the copyright notice.

English Smart Progress Database Maintenance

SmartDBcheck is a DBA assistant making administration of Progress databases easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources including the VST, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. SmartDBcheck provides a few pretty smart methods to deal with potential performance issues and V9 storage areas.

English Smart Progress® Database Design

This article provides an overview of the most important steps on Progress® database design. Starting at the white board discussing well tried naming conventions, the implementation of relations without improper usage of attributes with business meaning up to smart P4GL coding practice this guide covers a wide range of design issues and should help gaining a clean database design.

German Der teure Link zwischen Fachabteilung und IT | Einführung des Organisations-Architekten

Die Einführung des Organisations-Architekten als Initiator und Realisierer der Geschäftsprozessoptimierung und seine Rolle in IT-Projekten. So wie Kaufleute und Ingenieure mit Produktionsanlagen umgehen, sollten auch Geschäftsprozesse und deren Hilfsobjekte wie u.a. Software gehandhabt werden. In klassisch strukturierten IT-Projekten ist das selten der Fall. Dieser Artikel zeigt die Schwächen des herkömmlichen Vorgehens und die Ursachen für Kommunikationsprobleme zwischen operativem Geschäft und IT-Abteilungen auf, und erklärt, wie das Risiko des Scheiterns von IT-Projekten signifikant vermindert werden kann.

English Optimizing Records per Block (RPB) - Progress® V9 Databases on Windows® Servers

smartDBcheck optimizes records per block (RPB) for tables and indexes in Progress® V9 databases on Windows® machines. It scans record sizes, number of records etc. per table, computes the 'best RPB', and suggests a suitable storage area. It offers scripts to create new storage areas and extents having the 'right RBP', if necessary. Table and index moves can be previewed and scheduled by date. smartDBcheck calculates the amount of data to move per date, using a daily limit to ensure the moves fit the maintenance window, and creates executable scripts. RBP can be optimized by minium, maximum or average record length. RBP optimizing goals are declared per database as default setting, and can be set in persistent table properties as well.

English smart Data Pump - Generic Output for Progress ADM2 Smart Data Objects

The Smart Data Pump is an add-on for the Progress® ADM2 framework. Feed it with the handle of any smart data object and it produces user defined reports in various output formats. The plug-in process is painless for developers: download and unzip the source code, add a CTRL-O trigger to your browser class, run the install procedure, compile your application, done. The Smart Data Pump analyzes the smart data object at runtime, extracts all data definitions, asks the user for optional low and high values per attribute and sends the selected data to Excel®, a web browser, or creates a CSV file (XML or PDF output and other formats can be added with ease). The user can define stored reports by saving the current selection including field orders and suppressed attributes in the application database.

English National Vulnerability Database

NVD is a comprehensive cyber security vulnerability database that integrates all publicly available U.S. Government vulnerability resources and provides references to industry resources. It is based on and synchronized with the CVE vulnerability naming standard. NVD is a product of the NIST Computer Security Division and is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division.

English smartDBcheck Beta Test Non-Disclosure & License Agreement

To join the smartDBcheck Beta Test Program, please digitally sign the smartDBcheck Beta Test Non-Disclosure & License Agreement below, then download and install the software.

English Progress Software Corp. - News and Facts

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS, 1-781-280-4000) provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Progress products and technology are used at over 60,000 organizations in 140 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500.

English PSDN News

Stay up to date with the latest development news from Progress Software. Click here for the archives.

English The Progress 4GL At Work by Geoff Crawford

Geoff Crawford's Progress Blog.

English Progress Software Corporation

Progress Software News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.

English New Posts @

Daily list of new posts in all forums at Progress Talk except the scanned PEG categories.

English Google Sitemaps - The How-To What-Is FAQ

We use Google Sitemaps to inform Googles crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages. The Inofficial FAQ on Google Sitemaps answers popular questions collected from various forums, email lists and the Google Sitemaps Group. It's meant as an addition to Google's official FAQ, the Google Sitemaps Blog, and the Google Sitemaps Tutorial.

Often manuals and generic information are not suitable to answer particular questions, because individual circumstances require dedicated answers from experienced consultants. Google's Sitemap Protocol along with dozens of awesome 3rd party tools form a toolset to enhance crawlability, but to develop solutions one needs more than a toolset.

This FAQ and the Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base combine detailed knowledge on Google's related protocols, tools and services with experience from experts in the field who have implemented Google Sitemaps with various content management systems (CMS) and Web sites of any type.

English Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base

The Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base Project was launched by the Google Sitemaps Group in December 2005. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive help system for Google Sitemaps users. Thanks to the contributors!

Webmasters, don't miss out on the Google Sitemaps Team interview!

English Google Sitemaps in the News

August 09 2005 · More neat stuff from Google: You can syndicate a RSS feed for every search query at Google News. So let's see what the journalists around the globe have to say about Google Sitemaps.

English Free Simple Google XML SiteMap and HTML Site Map Script

Simple Sitemaps is a free PHP script creating a dynamic Google XML Sitemap from a plain text file. Besides the XML sitemap, it creates a hierarchical HTML site map, a RSS site feed, and a Yahoo! URL submit list.
Make use of Simple Sitemaps if you run a smaller Web site with less than 100 pages.

English Free Google SiteMap XML Validator and Submitter

Feel free to use this online tool to validate the XML structure of your Google SiteMap. You don't know what a Google SiteMap is? Read our tutorial How to make use of Google SiteMaps. You don't have a Google SiteMap yet? Here you go for free tools to create a Google SiteMap XML file of your web site. Or install our smart sitemaps tool, it's free of charge and generates XML, RSS and HTML site maps.

English View a Web Page as 'Googlebot'

Check out your Web pages as seen by Googlebot and any other search engine crawler. This free SEO tool will show you what a Web robot gets when it requests a page from your Web server. Use it to check what your CMS's browser optimization delivers to crawlers.

English Less Noise ... More Signal @

Regardless what happens, regardless when it happens, regardless where on the globe it happens, if it's related to webmastering or Internet marketing then is the first place where the news appear, and get commented and analyzed by professionals. ThreadWatch does an incredible job in filtering out the noise.

English Webmaster World

Probably the biggest webmaster community on the net. Brett Tabke's forums provide you with top notch discussions and an invaluable knowledge base. [Web Feed]

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