How blog networks, (free) hosting services, and communities where each user publishes on a different sub-domain, can provide a centralized Google Sitemap service.

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Hosts with gazillions of subdomains ( can implement scripts to generate XML sitemaps for each user on their particular sub-domain ( They can update those sitemaps when a user uploads/creates or changes content.

Because Google accepts sitemaps on a per server base only, it's not possible to create a sitemap index file containing all user-sitemaps on the domain's root level ( or That is, the submission of huge amounts of subdomain-sitemaps can't be done via the offial route (manually using a Google account).

A suitable solution for mass submissions of subdomain-sitemaps is anonymous pinging, because it can run fully automated.

That's what I do for my own hosting clients. When they add new content, Google gets pinged with the URL of the sitemap, which is generated on the fly via either a direct file the user maintains or via the 404 handler (which executes a script that generates a real-time sitemap and sets the status code to 200).

It works perfectly since I don't need stats for them. However, if it were necessary to debug a problem, it is possible to add individual sites to my sitemaps account as well. Also, all clients can verify their sitemaps to view their stats and track down crawling problems themselves.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 by Shawn

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Previous PageGoogle Python Sitemap Generator - Introduction

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