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This program dumps all table contents to text files. It's meant to export data when you need special delimiters and do not plan to reload the data into another Progress« database. If you can live with comma delimited export files, better use the Progress« Data Administration tool. I wrote it with Progress 9.1E, but it should run with earlier versions too.

1. Download the source code:

2. Edit config.i:

     cDbName         = "sports":U
     cDbFile         = "c:/cl/test/sports/db/sports.db":U
     cDbConnectString = "-1":U
     cProgDir         = "c:/cl/test/sports/db/temp/":U
     cDumpDir         = "c:/cl/test/sports/db/dump/":U
     cDumpExt         = ".txt":U
     cDelimiter     = ",":U

cDbName is the logical database name.
cDbFile is the database location.
cDbConnectString is populated with all connect parameters except ldb.
cProgDir is the directory used for generated source code.
cDumpDir is the target directory for data files.
cDumpExt is the extension used in data file names.
cDelimiter is a single character used as delimiter like '|', ';' or '~t' (TAB), default is comma.

3. Create the directories, then run dumpDB.p and wait.

dumpDB.p connects to the database and calls dumpTables.p. dumpTables.p loops for all application tables in the database schema, creates a dump program in cProgDir and writes the table contents to cDumpDir.

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Progress 4GL Code Samples · Index · Part 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · Expand · Web Feed

Author: Sebastian
Last Update: Friday, March 25, 2005   Web Feed

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