Progress Software® provides an outstanding database plus a bunch of powerful and high sophisticated products for developers and users. The power of Progress® is underestimated across the boards. Progress® sold licenses -during the last 20 years- to more users than SAP. Actually, it's astonishing that only insiders and satisfied customers know the difference between vacuum cleaners and the most stable software products available on this planet. Well, here is some more stuff for Progress® insiders, valuable Progress® knowledge published by Progress® experts.

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English smartDBcheck - Automated Performance Tuning and Storage Object Management

smartDBcheck is a smart DBA assistant making performance tuning of Progress® databases and table space management easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. With a few mouse clicks smartDBcheck reorganizes Progress® databases, which is a pretty time consuming task using old fashioned command line tools, scripts and established DBA methods.

English Dos and Don'ts of Progress® Database Design

Setting up a new database you need some patterns, rules and policies. This article discusses consistent naming conventions, the usage of technical keys instead of attributes with business meaning, logical deletions vs. physical removals, user activity logging in n-tier architectures, and lots of useful details like disadvantages of extended attributes, the integration of multi-client capable accounting systems in ERP applications or the handling of technical attributes in business objects by database triggers. Source code examples are provided in Progress® 4GL.

Probably various languages Development of Business Applications with Progress Software®

Useful links, code examples, free tools and articles about developing Progress® based business applications.

Probably various languages Making Use of SOAP and XML in Progress® Applications

Native socket handling and a build-in XML parser makes Progress® a powerful tool to develop B2B solutions. This section provides information on how to implement business solutions based on standards like SOAP and XML with Progress Software® Development Tools.

Probably various languages Progress Software® Related Books

Unfortunately, John D. Johnson's 'RoadMap to SmartObjects' is out of print. However, there are plenty more great books introducing both developers and users to Progress Software® products.

Probably various languages Progress WebSpeed® - Highly Scalable n-Tier Applications

WebSpeed®, along with other Progress® products, allows developers to rapidly create highly scalable business applications that process large volumes of transactions over the Internet. Learn more about the WebSpeed® visual toolset, HTML-interfaces using SmartDataObjects, packaged Web objects and the powerful scripting language (SpeedScript).

Probably various languages Progress® Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

Progress RDBMS® is an open, flexible, scalable, and highly available database solution that supports virtually unlimited numbers of users and transactions with minimal administration and maintenance. Although dealing with the RDBMS is mostly a development task, this powerful database engine deserves its own section.

Probably various languages Progress® Tools and Applications (Commercial and Open Source)

Links to Tools for Progress and Progress Applications addressing both developers and users.

Probably various languages Progress® related News & Blogs

If you provide a Progress® related RSS feed, please send us the URL:)

Probably various languages Progress Developers

Our link exchanges with Progress developers on this planet. Use the Contact link on the left to get your company listed.

OffSite Links

English New Progress Software® Knowledge Center

The new Progress® Knowledge Center encourages the user to ask questions in a more natural manner, thereby matching technical solutions based on the problem statements. The Solutions have been created through technical support working with customers to resolve their issues. You will also find Progress Public Documentation such as White Papers, Product Update Service Pack Listings and Product Documentation. A pretty helpful feature is the search by error code, which gets you to a solution in no time.

English Progress E-Zine by Amduus™ Information Works

Besides the Progress E-Zine archives, Amduus™ Information Works provides a Progress® knowledge base, interesting stories and downloadable tools.

English ProgressTalk Forums

You'll find this is a great place to discuss the most up-to-date and innovative ideas for developing applications using tools from Progress Software Corporation. Chris Schreiber also provides a searchable archive, which will supply an answer to almost every query.

English The Engine Crew Monographs

Gus Bjorklund's (Progress Software Corporation) Engine Crew Monographs are technical articles that discuss Progress products, explain how they function, and tell you how to use them more effectively. Subject matter is primarily related to the Progress Database, Networking, and Servers. The topics presented are thought to be of interest to Progress customers. Warning: Most of these articles are highly technical and dull as dirt. You might fall asleep, fall out of your chair, and bump your head. Please fasten your seat belt before reading so you don't injure yourself.

English PEG®, the Progress E-Mail Group

PEG® is a very active email discussion group of experienced Progress® developers and users as well. On the PEG® web site you'll find tons of helpful information, links, source code, tools and free advice by searching the archives.

English Web Interface to 'comp.databases.progress'

A threaded forum pulling messages from 'comp.databases.progress', provided by dbforums. If you've a Google account, click here to access comp.databases.progress.

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