WebSpeed®, along with other Progress® products, allows developers to rapidly create highly scalable business applications that process large volumes of transactions over the Internet. Learn more about the WebSpeed® visual toolset, HTML-interfaces using SmartDataObjects, packaged Web objects and the powerful scripting language (SpeedScript).

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English WebSpeed® Workshop

WebSpeed Workshop® balances productivity with flexibility by allowing developers to create multi-page Internet Transaction Processing (ITP) applications with little or no coding, significantly cutting development time while preserving the ability to customize an application. Product Overview

English Frequently Asked Questions About Progress WebSpeed® by Steve Southwell

If you're dealing with web design issues or security stuff developing a WebSpeed® application, don't miss out on this FAQ. It won't tell you how to create nice and fast loading images, nor does it provide a WebSpeed® programming guide, but it perfectly answers questions like 'How come none of my images display in my WebSpeed app?', 'How do I get WebSpeed to output a PDF file?' or 'How do I stop users from using the back button in their browser, respectively why shouldn't I mess with any web browser functionality?'.

English Progress WebSpeed® Reference Card

Scott Auge's WebSpeed Reference Card provides a quick syntax reference including predefined stuff, functions and more on one clear page, along with links to detailed information.

English Webspeed Tricks and Tips by Scott Auge

The book covers the components of the Webspeed® system. It will not explain in detail how to set up or administer webspeed, as that belongs to Progress®. But it provides all the neat stuff programmers are missing in the official manuals. Webspeed is a new programming paradigm for most Progress® programmers - this well written book will get them started.
Unfortunately I've lost the URL, so this link leads to a Word document on this server. 420kb zipped

English PHP driven WebSpeed® Administration

phpWSAdmin from the desk of Scott Auge allows you to perform the following activities from a web site instead of the command line or Progress Explorer on Webspeed:
·  Start, Stop, and Query the admin server
·  Start, Stop, and Query the default name server
·  Start, Stop, and Query your webspeed brokers
·  Add, Edit, and Delete broker definitions
·  View the ubroker.properties file
·  View the server log file of your webspeed broker
·  View the broker log file of your webspeed broker
·  Start, Stop, and Query database processes
·  Start, Stop, and Query your background processes
·  Add, Edit, and Delete database process scripts
·  Add, Edit, and Delete background process scripts
You need a PHP compatible web server (PHP 4.3.1 or better). Tested on Webspeed 3.x.

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