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English Progress 4GL Code Samples

Every now and then we'll add a Progress® 4GL code snippet or sample program here. You can use our stuff, but please don't remove the copyright notice.

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English Benefits of Modularization using Progress 4GL

Scott Augé wrote this fine essay on modularization, a part of his must-read series Good Programming Practices.

English Business Intelligence for Progress

Martin van Middelkoop's web site provides information about Business Intelligence Tools in combination with Progress databases and applications. The sections Actuate, BusinessObjects, CorVu, Crystal Reports and ODBC are packed with informative articles, tutorials, links and downloads.

English Fast 4GL Downloads

Fast 4GL Systems provides a useful collection of mostly free downloads:
· Free Applications (Progress applications that are free for the taking.)
· Demo Applications (See demostration versions of Progress tools and applications available for sale.)
· Documents and Information (Plenty of great reading for anyone developing Progress based applications.)
· Utilities (Helpful utilities for Progress developers.)
· Progress Tools (Lots of great Progress tools for developers to use.)
· Sample Code (Lots of great Progress coding samples for developers.)
· SmartObjects (If you develop using SmartObjects, you will find these useful.)

English Free Progress® Version 9 Stuff

Gain lots of valuable insights by reading these articles and tutorials related to Progress® version 9.x, published along with a couple of useful tools and free source code. is closed for new submissions, but Peter van Dam will launch on September 25 during the PTW 2005.

English Progress 4GL Wiki

A general Tips and Tricks area for Progress topics and education, adressing both users and developers. Progress 4GL Wiki provides lots of free code snippets and useful P4GL programs, guides like 'Good 4GL Programming Practices' and progress related links.

English Progress OpenEdge® Reference Architecture

John Sadd's tutorial on Progress' OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) is a set of documents guiding software architects thru one approach to building a business application based on the OpenEdge Reference Architecture.

English Progress Startup Parameters

George Potemkin has compiled a complete list of Progress® startup parameters, containing server and client startup parameters as well as parameters for some Progress® utilities. Local copy

English Progress® Reference to WIN32 API in the first place provides a Progress® Reference to Windows® API, which is a huge collection of practical examples for using Windows® features in Progress® 4GL. Furthermore Jurjen Dijkstra has collected tons of Progress® related links and downloads.

English Encrypting Data In Your 4GL Application and Database

Your database is being accessed from the wilds. Usually that refers to the internet – where there are people working on connections to your machines to achieve something. Sometimes it is to place an order. Sometimes it is to pull all the credit card numbers out of your system!
How can you protect yourself from someone logging into your database via an ODBC 'password flinger' and having free reign of the data? How can you protect yourself from the collection of viruses that would like to make use of your Windows computer to go wandering around your data?
This article provides answers to questions you really should ask. Local PDF

English The Complete Progress Software® 4GL Grammar

This is the complete list of P4GL keywords, posted by Gus Bjorklund, Wizard and Vice President of Technology, Progress Software Corporation, Bedford (PEG July/2/2001). Run with newer versions in the DOS prompt prowin32.exe -zgenkwlist > keywords.txt (Thx2 George Potemkin) and check out the keyword forget list files shipped with each version.

English Internationalization, Globalization, and Localization

XenCraft, a US company selling I18n/G11n/L10n products for Progress® business applications, provides white papers, presentations and other free online resources on globalization, internationalization and localization. Another useful resource on these topics is the W3C Internationalization Activity Home Page. For an explanation of the acronyms (I18n, G11n, L10n) search Wikipedia.

English Progress ODBC FAQ

Geoff Crawford's ODBC FAQ is meant to answers the mostly commonly asked questions about how to use 3rd party ODBC compliant programs to access data stored in Progress databases. [Local PDF removed by request of the author. Please contact Geoff Crawford if you're interested in the ODBC FAQ.]
Alternative documents from the Progress® archives: Progress ODBC Driver Guide [Local PDF] · Progress JDBC Driver Guide [Local PDF]
Scott Auge's ODBC Howto Guide explains the installing of Progress ODBC drivers on a client without installing full Progress.

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