General stuff to make you think smarter. Articles on IT hammering common sense into dickheads. We don't agree in some cases, but the authors are smart guys who make you think, thus their theses are definitly worth a read.

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German Der teure Link zwischen Fachabteilung und IT | Einführung des Organisations-Architekten

Die Einführung des Organisations-Architekten als Initiator und Realisierer der Geschäftsprozessoptimierung und seine Rolle in IT-Projekten. So wie Kaufleute und Ingenieure mit Produktionsanlagen umgehen, sollten auch Geschäftsprozesse und deren Hilfsobjekte wie u.a. Software gehandhabt werden. In klassisch strukturierten IT-Projekten ist das selten der Fall. Dieser Artikel zeigt die Schwächen des herkömmlichen Vorgehens und die Ursachen für Kommunikationsprobleme zwischen operativem Geschäft und IT-Abteilungen auf, und erklärt, wie das Risiko des Scheiterns von IT-Projekten signifikant vermindert werden kann.

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English Buy or Build?

If you've been to a trade show or heard a sales presentation lately, then you know that every piece of software ever written is easy to use, flexible and will solve all of your business problems right out of the box. And if you read the computer media you know that there is a seemingly endless parade of tools which allow anyone to build a complete solution to any business problem, no matter how complex, in a single afternoon. So should you buy? Or build?
This great article by Tom Bascom and Len Tichy leads to an answer. It first appeared in the November 1994 issue of Mortgage Banking magazine. It's amazing how little has changed in the meantime.

English In SEO, Do You Get What You Pay For?

Rand Fishkin's article on the subjective valuing of professional search engine optimization (SEO) services provides well researched answers to questions like "What services should I request from a professional SEO?", "When I buy SEO consultation, what difference will I see between a $1,000 spend and a $10,000 spend?", "Are the big names in the industry really worth extra money?" and "How do I know if I need a 'hands-on' SEO or just a consultant?".

English Throwing Out the Book on SEO!

A search engine optimizer and Webmaster over at SEOmoz recently changed his focus away from the standard SEO optimizing stuff, instead he puts his focus back where it really belongs - getting site visitors to embrace his sites. His post expresses the often forgotten principles of Web site development vs. over-optimizing of poor content presentations.

English Sebastian interviewed by Aaron Pratt from SEO BuzzBox

Sebastian, a freelance consultant engaged at Smart IT Consulting, interviewed by SEO BuzzBox in November 2005, talks about smart search engine optimizing, online consulting, and Guinness. [Local copy]

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