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Get Help From Smart IT Consulting is your opportunity to get professional help on a particular problem, and to get a professional answer from an experienced consultant. Get Help From Smart IT Consulting is not free of charge. You tell us what you're willing to pay, and you'll get an answer or an individually developed solution which is worth the honorarium. If we can't help, we'll try to refer you to another service, free of charge. If the price you've set is too high, we'll charge a fair and reasonable service fee. If we can't work for the price you've set, we'll suggest a reasonable budget. We will not send you an invoice before you've seen what you get for your money. When it comes to larger projects, we'll work out a fair payment schedule.

Here is how it works:

  • Ask your question. If your question is related to any topic covered on this web site, that's fine. If not, that's fine too, but chances are we need a little longer to provide you with a high quality answer.
  • Describe your problem. Tell us exactly what you expect. Provide all information we need to develop the requested business plan, strategy or tactic, software program, optimization, expert's report ...
  • Set your price. Our service fees are non-refundable, so you may prefer to test the waters with a tiny task to get an idea of the quality of this service.
  • We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. In case of delays (the first-in-first-out principle applies) we'll keep you informed.
  • Together with our answer/solution, we dispatch an invoice. Please pay in-time.

  • Please use the form below to send a help request to Smart IT Consulting.

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