Smart DB check is a DBA assistant making administration of Progress® databases easier. It collects data associated with storage objects from different sources, presenting all properties 'ready to manage' in a simple user interface. smartDBcheck will not do your DBA job, but it will supply suggestions and ready to use scripts as well as most data you need to make your decisions.

Most users assert that Progress® databases do not need any maintenance. Watching these applications running stable and solid as a rock over years, without DBA, is an uncommon experience when you come from other worlds. Why does it work nearly unattended? Setting up a Progress® database is kinda 'create and forget' job, as long as you don't run out of disk space sometime. Progress® supplies pretty smart development tools, thus adding business related changes to a production database is a simple and painless task. However, database driven applications tend to grow continuously. You may run into performance leaks after a while, and probably you'll reach hard limits from time to time.

In huge Progress® installations Fathom® helps optimizing the availability and performance of your systems. Progress® DBAs do live in paradise, compared to their colleagues maintaining other database products. However, in smaller environments without Fathom®, you bother with command line utilities and scripts when it comes to performance tuning and table space management. smartDBcheck gets you out of that 'DBA hell'.

What Does smartDBcheck For You?

smartDBcheck resides on every database server machine in your network. Start smartDBcheck frequently to analyze, monitor and manage all your Progress® databases:

Monitor storage areas and extents, including BI and AI. Get a warning before a variable extent reaches it's maximum file size. Determine BI and AI size and utilization. Examine your database on one page. smartDBcheck even analyzes your database structure and suggests ready to implement improvements.

Monitor tables and indexes, smartDBcheck shows everything you need to know, e.g. the number of tuples per table, record and index sizes and so on. Do you know whether your tables are located in their optimal storage area? smartDBcheck suggests a better home for misplaced tables and indexes, optimized for large tables or performance, depending on your goals. With only one mouse click you get a ready to use table move script which places each table and each index into the best matching storage area. Oups, you can't move so many tables during your standard maintenance window? No problem, just tell smartDBcheck how much data you can process per day and receive daily maintenance scripts ready to call from your backup procedure. smartDBcheck previews your database 'after the scheduled moves', enabling you to change the database structure in advance.

You can apply persistent properties and comments to each storage object. smartDBcheck reports in standard export format, so you can load the reports into a spread sheet or whatever your like better. Last but not least smartDBcheck even monitors sequence utilization.


Currently, smartDBcheck is available as beta release. Get your beta test copy of smartDBcheck here. The beta test software is fully functional, but does not provide all features and benefits of the not yet released full product.
Please read the help draft to learn more about smartDBcheck or click here for more information.

Learn More About smartDBCheck

English smartDBcheck Beta Test Program

smartDBcheck is a tool to manage Progress® storage objects and to optimize performance on the physical implementation level. smartDBcheck currently is in the beta test phase, it should work with every Progress® V9 database on Win32 server machines. If you join the beta test program, you'll receive a nice discount when you purchase a full product afterwards.

English smartDBcheck Screen Shots

View a few screen shots, taken from version 1.00beta, to assess the look and feel of smartDBcheck. Better open this page using a broadband connection, it downloads approximately one meg of images.

German Progress® Datenbank-Wartung und Laufzeit-Optimierung mit smartDBcheck

smartDBcheck ist ein Administrations- und Optimierungsinstrument für Progress® Datenbanken (V9) auf Win32-Rechnern. smartDBcheck visualisiert und analysiert Progress® storage areas (aka tablespaces) inklusive aller storage objects (Tabellen, Indexe, Sequenzen). Ein wesentlicher Faktor zur Steuerung des Laufzeitverhaltens einzelner storage objects in Progress® Datenbanken ist die Optimierung von records per block (RPB) jedes storage objects durch die Plazierung in einer passenden storage area. smartDBcheck erstellt umfangreiche Statistiken per storage object, berechnet nach verschiedenen Vorgaben den optimalen RPB Wert und erstellt die notwendigen scripts zur Optimierung.

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