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Articles on Search Engine Friendly Web Development

Articles on search engine friendly Web development and other SEO related topics by Smart IT Consulting.

Rand Fishkin's Beginner's Guide to SEO

Rand's awesome guide provides a well written overview of many of the processes, techniques and strategies used by professional search engine optimization specialists. This SEOmoz article is a must read for everone planning to hire a SEO expert.

Rand Fishkin's Interview with Ammon Johns

SEOMoz owner Rank Fishkin provides a must-read session with Ammon Johns. Ammon, well known on the forums as Black Knight, does SEO since 1997 and hands out extremely valuable thoughts, experiences, and SEO strategies.

Aaron Wall interviewing Jason Duke

This interview gives great insights in link development and SEO strategy. It doesn't reveal secrets to the experienced SEO, but helps interested laymen to understand the complexity of search and SEO.

How to prosper with the new Google

This great article by Dan Thies makes all the huge 'Google Update' threads on webmaster boards obsolete. This PDF report is packed with good advice.

Aaron Wall interviewing Google's Matt Cutts

Matt's comments on search, SEO and The Rolling Stones are a must read.
Aaron Wall: Is all SEO spam?
Matt Cutts: Absolutely not--I need to do a post about this on my blog sometime. Lots and lots of search engine optimization is white-hat and not spam at all. Things like making a site more crawlable, tweaking the words on a site based on what users type in or what you see in your server logs, and gathering links by coming up with creative ideas or services that make people link to you naturally. To me (and Google), spam is search engine optimization that is outside our quality guidelines--things like hidden text, hidden links, doorway pages filled with gibberish words that do a sneaky JavaScript redirect, and so on.
Also check out Matt's Blog.

Aaron Wall interviewing NFFC

NFFC makes rather witty posts on SEO forums and blogs and has a way of seeing the big picture in an industry where most people are overly short sighted and reactive.

Aaron Wall interviewing David Naylor

David Naylor is one of the most recognized names in SEO. He runs a blog about search at

Aaron Wall interviewing Nick Wilson

NickW runs ThreadWatch, a community of knowledgeable professional SEOs.

Aaron Wall interviewing Peter Da Vanzo

Peter Da Vonzo's Search Engine Blog provides great writing, and he's a talented SEO.

Aaron Pratt interviews Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall provides lots of good SEO interviews, as well as stories and interesting blog posts. Here he has changed roles and answered Aaron Pratts questions quite frankly. By the way, I guess we'll hear more from Mr. Pratt soon, he is smart.


Great Search Engine Optimization Articles, Resources and Tutorials.

Weighted Search Engine Ranking Factors

Rand Fishkin has compiled this great list of factors used to rank Web pages and Web sites by search engines. A dozen well known and experienced SEOs have contributed: Danny Sullivan, Dan Thies, EGOL, Graywolf, Jill Whalen, Donna Fontenot, Michael Martinez, Bill Slawski, Ammon Johns, Scottie Claiborne, 2K, Todd Malicoat and many others.

Search Engine Submission Tips

Danny Sullivan's tips on search engine submission, placement and marketing issues.

Aaron Pratt interviewing Sebastian on SEO

Sebastian, the author of most articles on this site, got interviewed on search engine optimization topics and online consulting by Aaron Pratt.

Aaron Wall interviewing Dan Thies

Dan Thies has written a couple books and papers (Topic Sensitive PageRank ...) about search engine optimization, is known as the keyword guru, and also teaches beginner and advanced search engine optimization courses.

Lee Odden interviews Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl

Lee Odden talking with Todd Malicot results in linkworthy insights into all things important about SEO.

SEO/SEM Articles by Aaron Wall

A categorized list of articles on various SEO topics. Aaron Wall offers search engine marketing and web site optimization tips, tutorials, information, and professional services.

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