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Link Development is Dead

Martinibuster sums up the algorithmic improvements at all major search engines, which since fall/winter 2005 do make old fashioned link development obsolete. Link partners found with searches like ["add url" +your-keyword-here] will no longer provide any value with their votes, and vice versa. Martinibuster says that the engines dislike site promotion at all, I won't go that far. The search engines dislike artificial methods used to promote Web sites, and don't count them any more in rankings on the search result pages. They do count natural linkage, and authority links. Read Martinibuster's conclusions, before you click other links on this page.

Advanced Link Building Tactics

Rand Fishkin's incredible guide on inbound link acquisition.

Articles and Commentary on The Art of Building Links

According to Danny Sullivan, Eric Ward is THE authority on links since 1994. Eric's article index page links to many useful tutorials and deep insights on linking, each of them a must read. Be sure to check the dates of publishing, because the posts reach way back and some things have changed in the meantime. Eric Ward: The key is understanding where your site fits into the Web's linking landscape, and making sure you get there. Hopefully some of my articles will help. Indeed they do help, go get a few hours to read and learn a lot on proper linkage.

Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times

WebmasterWorld member Sugarrae on state of the art link development - a great read:
"If you’re sending out hundreds of reciprocal link requests each week and have a 14 page links section on your site, please do the following:
1. Find the time listed on the bottom right hand side of your monitor.
2. Place your mouse cursor over it and double click.
3. Please change the year on your calendar from 2003 to 2006."

The definitive link building strategy

Ken McGaffin gives good advice on how getting the own stuff together helps in a link campaign.

Link Building for Hilltop

Andy Hagans uncovers link building tactics that can mesh a Web site into its topical neighborhood. He explains how the Hilltop formula uses the link structure of the topical community related to the query's topic when determining relevance. Talking about the properties of expert documents, authorities and hubs, he unfortunately omits hybrids like authority hubs. However, this article provides the best summary of Hilltop implementations I've seen so far.

The Link Building Knowledge Base

Andy Hagan's links list on link building comes with a lot of interesting articles, threads and background information, and a list of professional services and search engine optimizers offering link acquisition campaigns. Please note: this page links out to link exchange services which may be disliked by search engines. Participation in link farms of any kind is very risky and therefore not recommended.

Legitimate Link Building Strategies

Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander have compiled a great list of proven ways to get related inbound links. Dozens successful search engine optimizers and link building experts have contributed to this outstanding knowledge base. Please note: some of the link building tips provided are borderline stuff with regard to the search engine guidelines, or at least considered close to fishy. Apply common sense and stay away from repetition and way too artificial automation approaches or heavy interlinking as well. Also, advice like 'don't bother with pages below a particular PageRank™' is ...hmmmm... questionable, because a link from a low ranked page with great topic relevancy can help you much more than a link from a unrelated page having a high PageRank™.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and Link Popularity

With many Web sites no longer ranking for even their official company name, it is important to understand how sites get penalized for having unnatural backlink anchor text. SEO consultant Andy Hagans explains how to make link popularity and LSI work for you — without getting your site penalized.


This clever tool delivers relevant search results, which can get sorted by Google PageRank™. The assumption that relevant and popular Web pages have got a high PageRank™ assigned by Google, makes the SERP a nice list of potential link partners and resources to link out as well.

10 Tips to Train a Link Developer

Todd Malicoat, aka Stuntdubl, posted a great job description of a link monkey on his blog. He's not kidding, link development is a time consuming full time job nowadays.

Free Link Related SEO Tools

We Build Pages provides a bunch of great free SEO tools, most of them analyzing linkage data. Jim and Todd from WeBuildPages offer help on link building too: "If you play with these tools eneough, you'll probably find that you need more backlinks. If you want help in getting your site more backlinks, please contact us to see how we can help your site to get more valuable inbound links."

Link Building in Light of VIPS (VIsion-based Page Segmentation)

VIsion-based Page Segmentation is changing the way search engines parse link popularity and relevance. Linking expert Andy Hagans explains how to incorporate block-level link analysis into a successful link building strategy. Andy's summary is "Although VIPS will probably devalue certain types of links that are favored by many SEOs, it will concurrently increase the value of themed, in-context links, ... and that's something we should all be happy about."

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