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DataDirect releases Connect64® for SSIS in News and Facts

[Tuesday, June 05, 2007] · DataDirect brings high performance data connectivity to SSIS packages accessing Oracle, DB2, and Sybase.

CERN Selects Progress Software's Sonic Platform in News and Facts

[Wednesday, May 30, 2007] · The world's largest particle physics laboratory uses SonicMQ to monitor and control complex technical infrastructure.

PSC SaaS-Enables Apama Algorithmic Trading Platform in News and Facts

[Wednesday, May 23, 2007] · Market-leading Apama(R) SaaS Platform delivers competitive edge to sell-side firms to attract buy-side clients in capital markets.

Tagging irrelevant page areas: class=robots-nocontent in Steering SE Crawlers

[Thursday, May 03, 2007] · How to make cluttered page areas like blocks with ads unsearchable. The class name robots-nocontent can be applied to everything not related to the page's main content.

How to buy and sell (text) links in Blog

[Tuesday, February 21, 2006] · Text link brokers do a good job by connecting related Web sites and handling their traffic deals. It looks like a win-win situation, but there are pitfalls with regard to search engines, who try to devaluate all non-editorial links because their ranking algorithms aren't perfect. Commercial link trades aren't evil, but risky without link condom.

Rette sich wer kann: Das Imperium schlägt zurück in Spam Clinic

[Tuesday, February 07, 2006] · Suchmaschinen Marktführer Google setzt seine Etiquette rigoros durch: Suchmaschinen-Spam wird nicht länger toleriert. Wer sich nicht an die Regeln hält, fliegt aus dem Suchindex, gnadenlos. Seit Januar 2006 wird zurückgeschossen:
Bisher übliche Suchmaschinen-Optimierungs-Techniken, die gegen die seit Jahren veröffentlichten Regeln verstossen, werden mit Besucherentzug (Deindexierung) abgestraft. Die Spam Clinic kann deutschen Internetunternehmern helfen, verlorenes Terrain zurückzugewinnen, oder den Liebesentzug der führenden Suchmaschine abzuwenden, bevor der Schaden eintritt.

Google Sitemaps Crawler Stats in Google Sitemaps Guide

[Monday, February 06, 2006] · Google's sitemap program provides detailed crawler reports which make it easy to fix issues like broken links, conflicts with robots.txt exclusions etc. etc. in no time. There is even a great robots.txt validator.

Google Sitemaps Team Interview in Google Sitemaps KB

[Wednesday, February 01, 2006] · Google's Sitemaps Team, interviewed in January 2006, provides great insights and information about the Sitemaps program, crawling and indexing in general, handling of vanished pages (404 vs. 410) and the URL removal tool, and valuable assistance on many frequently asked questions. Matt Cutts chimed in and stated '...It's definitely a good idea to join Sitemaps so that you can be on the ground floor and watch as Sitemaps improves'. This interview is a must-read for Webmasters.

The value of links from a search engine's perspective in Blog

[Tuesday, January 31, 2006] · What is a link worth with regard to search engine rankings, and what kind of links should you hunt for if you're not the WSJ?

Which URLs should I put in my Google Sitemap? in Google Sitemaps KB

[Thursday, January 26, 2006] · Should I include all URLs in my sitemap, even feeds, images, videos and other Web objects without META data? Will a Google Sitemap help to get framed pages indexed? Should I submit thin pages via Google Sitemaps or would this hurt?

Revamp Your Framed Pages in Blog

[Friday, January 20, 2006] · Shoving Frames are evil and Fixed navigation is user friendly under one brilliant hat.

Consolidating Domains in Google Sitemaps KB

[Thursday, January 12, 2006] · I have a site hosted under two domains, and, can I have a Google Sitemap on both servers, or should I consolidate the site's various addresses? I want to consolidate several brands with Web sites hosted on separate domains and sub-domains on my main site, now I need a checklist.

Google Python Sitemap Generator - Introduction in Google Sitemaps KB

[Wednesday, January 11, 2006] · The free Python Google sitemap generator can be used to create Google Sitemaps in XML format by walking the file system on the web server and scanning access logs. It requires Python version 2.2 (or compatible newer versions) installed on your server.

Canonical server name issues in Google Sitemaps KB

[Tuesday, January 03, 2006] · Declined submissions and error messages like URL not under Sitemap path are often caused by an incorrect usage of multiple server names. Why are and different, when both serve the same content? How to avoid confusion?

Google doesn't index all pages from a Sitemap in Google Sitemaps KB

[Monday, December 19, 2005] · Googlebot downloads my XML sitemap frequently, but didn't crawl and index all pages of my Web site yet. What can I do to improve my search engine visibility?

Google's time to index in Google Sitemaps KB

[Monday, December 19, 2005] · My Google Sitemap submission was accepted but I can't find (all) my Web pages with a search. Why doesn't Google index my Web site (completely)?

Google Sitemaps Stylesheets make XML Sitemaps human readable in Google Sitemaps KB

[Friday, December 16, 2005] · By default, XML-based sitemaps are not human readable - the browser just renders a big bunch of XML code and pure data. To make your sitemap look like a normal HTML webpage, you just have to add one line to your Google Sitemaps file, that's all.

Which major search engines support the Google Sitemaps Protocol? in Google Sitemaps KB

[Thursday, December 15, 2005] · Although Google dominates search, I'd like to get the most out of my efforts to create and maintain a Google Sitemap. Are there other search engines which accept mass URL submissions via XML sitemaps? Yes.

Changing Domains in Google Sitemaps KB

[Thursday, December 15, 2005] · I've moved my site to a new domain. Can I submit a Sitemap to tell Google to index the new site rather than the old site? What else should I do to ensure a smoothly move?

Google Sitemaps for (tens of) thousands sub-domains in Google Sitemaps KB

[Wednesday, December 14, 2005] · How blog networks, (free) hosting services, and communities where each user publishes on a different sub-domain, can provide a centralized Google Sitemap service.

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Recently Added Content And Links

English Progress Software Corp. - News and Facts

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS, 1-781-280-4000) provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Progress products and technology are used at over 60,000 organizations in 140 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500.

English National Vulnerability Database

NVD is a comprehensive cyber security vulnerability database that integrates all publicly available U.S. Government vulnerability resources and provides references to industry resources. It is based on and synchronized with the CVE vulnerability naming standard. NVD is a product of the NIST Computer Security Division and is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division.

German Rette sich wer kann: Das Imperium schlägt zurück

Suchmaschinen Marktführer Google setzt seine Etiquette rigoros durch: Suchmaschinen-Spam wird nicht länger toleriert. Wer sich nicht an die Regeln hält, fliegt aus dem Suchindex, gnadenlos. Seit Januar 2006 wird zurückgeschossen:
Bisher übliche Suchmaschinen-Optimierungs-Techniken, die gegen die seit Jahren veröffentlichten Regeln verstossen, werden mit Besucherentzug (Deindexierung) abgestraft. Die Spam Clinic kann deutschen Internetunternehmern helfen, verlorenes Terrain zurückzugewinnen, oder den Liebesentzug der führenden Suchmaschine abzuwenden, bevor der Schaden eintritt.

English Google Sitemaps Information Center

The Google Sitemaps Info Center provides you with a full blown roundup of Google's Sitemap program from a site owner's perspective. Your Webmasters get everything they need to make your Google Sitemaps implementation a great success: free tools, tutorials and guides, source code examples, search engine optimization (SEO) tips and search engine (SE) knowledge.

Don't miss out on the Google Sitemaps Team Interview! Googlers from the Sitemaps team and Matt Cutts hand out great technical advice, that's a must-read for Webmasters!

English What's the best Search Blog out there?

Besides Danny Sullivan, Threadwatch, and this site --at least sometimes-- the one and only reputable source of search engine news is Chris' and Gurtie's Gray Hat Search Engine News (GHN). GHN tracks search seriously, that is they omit all fun one may have with Web search. For example when a major search engine fails to meet the basic criteria of what you and me think is common sense in Web search, they will post an analysis which reads dull as dust. GHN hates rumors, speculations, and humor. They post the sheer facts and only the facts. So, if you'd like to get search tracked for you in a serious manner, with no efforts involved (like bothering you with links instead of quotes), subscribe to the best search blog out there: GHN.

English Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base

The Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base Project was launched by the Google Sitemaps Group in December 2005. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive help system for Google Sitemaps users. Thanks to the contributors!

Webmasters, don't miss out on the Google Sitemaps Team interview!

English Database Abstraction Layers Must Die!

Some random bits scribbled by Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo!
"Good engineers try to select the best tools for the job and then do everything they can to take advantage of their tool's unique and most powerful features. In the database world, that means specific hints, indexing, data types, and even table structure decisions. If you truly limit yourself to the subset of features that is common across all major RDBMSes, you're doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice."

English Sebastian interviewed by Aaron Pratt from SEO BuzzBox

Sebastian, a freelance consultant engaged at Smart IT Consulting, interviewed by SEO BuzzBox in November 2005, talks about smart search engine optimizing, online consulting, and Guinness. [Local copy]

English Google Sitemaps - The How-To What-Is FAQ

We use Google Sitemaps to inform Googles crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages. The Inofficial FAQ on Google Sitemaps answers popular questions collected from various forums, email lists and the Google Sitemaps Group. It's meant as an addition to Google's official FAQ, the Google Sitemaps Blog, and the Google Sitemaps Tutorial.

Often manuals and generic information are not suitable to answer particular questions, because individual circumstances require dedicated answers from experienced consultants. Google's Sitemap Protocol along with dozens of awesome 3rd party tools form a toolset to enhance crawlability, but to develop solutions one needs more than a toolset.

This FAQ and the Google Sitemaps Knowledge Base combine detailed knowledge on Google's related protocols, tools and services with experience from experts in the field who have implemented Google Sitemaps with various content management systems (CMS) and Web sites of any type.

English In SEO, Do You Get What You Pay For?

Rand Fishkin's article on the subjective valuing of professional search engine optimization (SEO) services provides well researched answers to questions like "What services should I request from a professional SEO?", "When I buy SEO consultation, what difference will I see between a $1,000 spend and a $10,000 spend?", "Are the big names in the industry really worth extra money?" and "How do I know if I need a 'hands-on' SEO or just a consultant?".

English Search Engine Friendly Cloaking

Search engines appreciate helpful cloaking, notwithstanding their 'Do no cloak' policies. This article discusses what kind of cloaking is tolerated by the engines, and provides a tiny guide to white hat cloaking for spider-friendliness.

English Throwing Out the Book on SEO!

A search engine optimizer and Webmaster over at SEOmoz recently changed his focus away from the standard SEO optimizing stuff, instead he puts his focus back where it really belongs - getting site visitors to embrace his sites. His post expresses the often forgotten principles of Web site development vs. over-optimizing of poor content presentations.

English Less Noise ... More Signal @

Regardless what happens, regardless when it happens, regardless where on the globe it happens, if it's related to webmastering or Internet marketing then is the first place where the news appear, and get commented and analyzed by professionals. ThreadWatch does an incredible job in filtering out the noise.

English Aaron Wall's SEO-Book

Aaron Wall's only current SEO Book on the planet is an up to date 120 page ebook available for your immediate download for only $79. Aaron updates his ebook frequently, subscribers get all updates free of charge, also he offers a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. So far the commercial call for action.
Here is our recommendation: Aaron's SEO Book is well worth $79 and more, the updates alone are priceless. He wrote a comprehensive guide on search engine optimization, packed with a bunch of search engine specific information, examples, and easy to understand explanations. Even experienced search engine experts will find a lot of great stuff to study with interest.

English Where Have All The Good Databases Gone?

Adam Bosworth (Google) asks a great question on his blog. He writes "Users of databases tend to ask for three very simple things:
1. Dynamic schema so that as the business model/description of goods or services changes and evolves, this evolution can be handled seamlessly in a system running 24 by 7, 365 days a year.
2. Dynamic partitioning of data across large dynamic numbers of machines.
3. Modern indexing. Google has spoiled the world. Everyone has learned that just typing in a few words should show the relevant results in a couple of hundred milliseconds.
Users of databases don't believe that they are getting any of these three. If the database vendors ARE solving these problems, then they aren't doing a good job of telling the rest of us. The customers I talk to who are using the traditional databases are esentially using them as very dumb row stores and trying very hard to move all the logic and searching out into arrays of machines with in memory caches."
This article and the following discussion on the need for data-base evolution is a great read.

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