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English Google Sitemaps in the News

August 09 2005 · More neat stuff from Google: You can syndicate a RSS feed for every search query at Google News. So let's see what the journalists around the globe have to say about Google Sitemaps.

English Anatomy and Deployment of Links

This tutorial explains hyperlinks to Web developers. After defining the class Link and its implementations natural link and artificial link, the anatomy of a link gets expressed with various syntax examples. The primary focus is a description of the power of links, and how to get the most out of natural linking. Clever and prominent linking makes the user friendliness of a Web site. High sophisticated linkage extends the value of natural links with regard to search engine placements. Many aspects of internal and outgoing linkage are covered, including the amplification of internal linking by external inbound links, and tips on building an authority status with outbound links.

English Free Simple Google XML SiteMap and HTML Site Map Script

Simple Sitemaps is a free PHP script creating a dynamic Google XML Sitemap from a plain text file. Besides the XML sitemap, it creates a hierarchical HTML site map, a RSS site feed, and a Yahoo! URL submit list.
Make use of Simple Sitemaps if you run a smaller Web site with less than 100 pages.

English Webmaster's Library

Webmaster's Library provides a well done selection of free webmaster articles, webmaster interviews, tutorials, tips and reviews.

English Webmaster Toolkit

This site does not come with thousands of items, but the few they list are useful, and free of charge.

English Big Webmaster Resource Directory

This huge Webmaster Resource Directory contains over 15,000 links, tools, articles, scripts etc., well organized in various categories.

English Site Point

A resource site for Webmasters, focusing on web site design, promotion, submission, positioning, marketing and profitability. SitePoint provides hundreds of articles and tutorials covering each and every topic of interest for Webmasters.

Probably various languages Webmaster Resources

A short list of Webmaster resources.

English Web Log Archive

Selected blog posts on search engine friendly Web development and other topics, some of them scraped from Sebastian's Pamphlets. Subscribe to the feed to get alerted on new posts:

English Why You Need The Before-image Log

"The before-image log, also called the 'bi file', contains the primary transaction log of the Progress RDBMS. It is an integral and essential part of every database and is just as important as the data extents used to store table data and their associated indexes. Without the before-image log extents, the database cannot be accessed." ... "Although it is called the 'before-image' log, the data stored in it are not before-images of anything. The name is historical and perhaps was poorly chosen. The before-image log contains records, called 'notes', that allow previously made changes to the database to be repeated (redone) or rolled back (undone). The before-image log is mainly used for two things: to perform crash recovery in the event of a failure, and to perform transaction rollback during normal processing." This long and very detailed post by Gus Bjorklund is a must-read for every Progress® DBA out there.

English View a Web Page as 'Googlebot'

Check out your Web pages as seen by Googlebot and any other search engine crawler. This free SEO tool will show you what a Web robot gets when it requests a page from your Web server. Use it to check what your CMS's browser optimization delivers to crawlers.

English Ten Steps to Your Successful Web Site

This 10-steps checklist is a compressive guide for everyone who considers a first step into the Internet business. Following this tutorial, the future Web site owner should be able to establish an authoritative place on the Internet, which attracts a fair amount of highly targeted and 'converting' search engine traffic.

English About RSS-Feeds and Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

As making use of RSS feeds becomes more and more popular, most webmasters are clueless about the role of RSS feeds in their search engine marketing strategy. This article discusses two use cases of RSS feeds: publishing syndicated content in the context of search engines filtering duplicate content, and a creative, but labour intensive way to build a stable and targeted stream of traffic using RSS feeds.

English Transforming Non-XML Documents

Although XSLT and XQuery are adept at handling XML documents, much of the information in an enterprise is not in XML format. During the Progress Exchange 2005 session Transforming Non-XML Documents with XML Tools Tony Lavinio demonstrated some of the tools in Stylus Studio® that can be used to build adapters for transforming non-XML documents to use both within Stylus Studio and in external applications, especially ones built with Progress OpenEdge®. All slides, audio portion, and samples of code of this session are provided on this page.

English Ezine Articles on Search Engine Optimization

Links to articles on search engine optimization (SEO) recently published by

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